I would like to do my masters in Canada. What steps can I take to achieve this dream?

I am a graduate of Engineering from Unilag. I had a 2.1. I really would like to study outside the country but I don’t know how to begin the process. Can anyone help?

Asked on June 27, 2016 in Education.
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Hello David,
The first step is to find out which schools in Canada have the programs you are interested in! You can do that by googling Canadian Universities. You then visit each university’s website, navigate to their graduate school, find your department and the list of programs!

For masters and Ph.D. Programs I encourage you to send emails to the professors listed on the websites! Tell them why you are interested in their area of research and ask if they will be willing to take you on as one of their graduate students!

Do this for as many schools as possible! When a professor replies positively, you can then forward an application to the school. Many of these professors have some grants for their research and will be willing to pay you a stipend for your help with their research!

Once you get the admission you then apply for the Canadian visa

I hope this helped!

Answered on June 27, 2016.
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